Design Center 50 years
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, this Mexico City-based design firm invited past designers to create graphics for an exhibit and charity auction held at the Franz Meyer museum, in downtown Mexico. Below, some of the ideas I had, around the idea of design and creativity.
For me, one of the most surprising aspects of the creative process is the mystery that surrounds the very act of arriving at a "great idea". Without exception, each of the design projects in which I participate start with a good dose of fear. it It is as if each one challenged me to prove that I can solve it. Over the years I have learned to enjoy that tension of navigating a labyrinth of possible solutions, until reaching one, which when presented, seems to be the only one possible. The interesting thing, in my view, is that the process does not allow shortcuts. Going on that journey is what leads to the "great idea", to finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.
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